Every week I learn something new about social location-based marketing. I’ve only tinkered with Gowalla and Facebook Places because I haven’t figured out what the point is. It reminds me of the Verizon commercial with the parents on Twitter and Facebook. The dad is constantly tweeting pointless information like, “I am sitting on the patio.”

I don’t want to spam everyone’s newsfeed with “Donna Douglas is at University of North Texas GAB rm 111,” “Donna Douglas is at University of North Texas Wooten Hall rm 216” or “Donna Douglas is at University of North Texas GAB rm 114,” Donna Douglas is at home.” I live such an exciting life huh? Haha. I guess it’s worthy to check-in to places that are of interest. For example, last night I attended the Social Location Marketing Book Tour with Simon Salt at the Angelika Theater hosted by SMC Dallas with some fellow PRSSA members and a couple friends. My friends were checking in and posting it to Twitter so their followers could see that they were there and then they could meet up. I started thinking about how awesome this concept was.

This paragraph was going to be about how I couldn’t see myself using check-ins on a daily (or even weekly) basis to inform friends and family on Facebook or acquaintances on Twitter where I was. I’ve started to rethink that. If I checked-in on Facebook it would be to show off that I’m at a cool or notable place. If I checked-in on Twitter it would be to see if anyone I’m following is there. Are you thinking why do I care if I’m at the same bar/event as a random PR professional I follow on Twitter? Because networking is everything. =)

So this blog isn’t meant to be about my personal use of location-based apps. I’ve been learning how useful social location-based applications can be for the marketing and the PR business.  I was curious as to how people were predicting it is going to affect the industries.  According to Eb Adeyeri, blogger for Lewis PR, his number two trend prediction for 2011 is “Location, location, location.” Although he doesn’t go into much detail, he threw in the term geo-fencing which I’ve never heard before but I like the sound of it.

For fun I thought I’d go back in time, to 2008, and see what trends were forecasted for public relations that year. On PR20/20.com the blogger mentioned social media as the number one trend to watch in 2008 because of its affordability and efficiency to connect with others.  Wow. It seems so vague! No one had any idea what social technologies would turn into. For giggles, I’ll share the rest of the list…

8 Public Relations Trends to Watch in 2008 (full blog post here)

  1. Social Media
  2. Online Press Release & Newsrooms
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Content Publishing
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. RSS Feeds
  7. Google News Alerts
  8. Standardized Services & Pricing

How many of these things have become instinctive to you?